Material base

The Department has specialized training laboratories:
- Standardization, certification and technical measurements;
- technological equipment;
- computer class, equipped with 10 PC – Pentium IV;
- educational-industrial complex with flexible modules, industrial robots and CNC machine;
- theory of cutting and the fundamentals of mechanical engineering technology;
- technological processes of engineering production;
- means of measurement and control;
- for scientific and experimental research.

The laboratories are equipped with the necessary poster materials, stands of metal-cutting tools, there are lathes, milling machines, grinding machines, lathe CNC; control and measuring devices, measuring tools, tool microscopes.


To perform scientific research there is an area of research, are equipped with precision lathe FT-11 with the measuring stand "TONE-2". 

The total area of the Department is 680 sq. m. now has 6 specialized laboratories:
208A – office of the head of the Department;
- 208 – the office of the faculty of the Department;
- 101 – lab theory of metal cutting; 
- 102 – laboratory bases of interchangeability and technical measurements, set 12 instrumentation, there are sets of end measures, measuring tools; 
- 104 – the Professor's office;
- 105 – decorated booth and visual AIDS on performance of course and diploma projects. 

The Department is equipped with personal computers in the amount of 30 units, and office equipment: printers inkjet, laser, scanners and copiers.