Material base

Here is a list of educational laboratories in which students are taught the specialty "Machine." Some of the teaching laboratories include laboratory electronics and microcircuitry (k.405 VC area of ​​32 m2) equipped with the equipment company Degum System (Israel), and microprocessors (k.406 VC area 17.1 m2) with industrial controllers ADAM 5510 (Advantech, USA), Information and measuring equipment (k.411 VC area 49.5 m2) with equipment made by students. Students of "Machine" are trained in complex laboratory software and hardware automation and computer modeling, which includes the following audience and computer classes 401a and 4016 in case the VC, as well as in complex laboratory simulation, software and hardware automation (VC audience 413, 420, 515).

According to the order № 186-p from 04.04.2011 was created between the Metropolitan Research and Training Center Automation «KazNTU-Honeywell» (k.421 VC) in which students learn programming and work with the software products of the American aerospace company Honeywell. According to the order № 81-p of 20.02.2012 was created Kazakh-German scientific research and training center automation «KazNTU-Siemens» (SMC), in this laboratory, students learn to: working with software and hardware from Siemens. Also the number of training labs are facilities Kazakh-French Education Center, an area of ​​about 450 m2. Laboratories are equipped with modern teaching and laboratory equipment, supplied by the French company «Schneider Electric».