Research work

The professors and teachers staff of the department are engaged in scientific work on the initiative topics: "Development of methods for obtaining nanocarbon materials used in power engineering" and "Production of cellulosic material based on non-wood vegetable raw materials".

On the department has been opened Master’s program since 2001, and more than 50 graduates of our department have graduated and received the diploma of the master of polygraphy. The number of students in the magistracy was 13 people in the 2016-2017 academic year.

Currently, master student A.B.Elyubayev  is studying at Ural State Technical University at the Polygraphy and Web Design Department, specialty 5B072200 -Polygraphy for obtaining two-diploma education: KazNITI and URFU (Yekaterinburg, Russia).

7 Masters of  the second-year passed a two-week academic internship in the Institute of Paper Industry and Printing in Lodz Technical University (Poland) in November 2016.  During the internship masters studied the structural and optical properties of paper, modern methods of processing text and image information, optoelectronic and scanning systems used in the printing processes.

Each year the professors and teachers staff of the departments takes part in republican and international conferences. Students of the department are actively participating in the research works, who speak student conferences with reports at inside the university.

The students of the graduating of department take an active part in the annual conference "International Satpayev Readings", at the Republican subject Olympiad among students of the specialty 5B072200-Polygraphy and in the republican competition for the best research work among students.

Since 2014, the department of Machinery and technologies of printing production member of the Association of Printing Workers, Publishers and Book Publishers of Kazakhstan, which significantly expanded ties with employers, as well as the exchange of information in the field of printing.


During the last 4 years the following foreign scientists visited the chair with guest lectures:

G. Kulikov is a professor at Moscow State Press University (MGUP)), (Russia, Moscow).

Artykov E.S. - Professor of Moscow State University of Printing (MGUP), (Russia, Moscow).

Benda A.F. - Professor of the Moscow State University of Printing (MGUP).

Andreev Yu.S. - Cand.Tech. of Moscow State University of Printing (MGUP).

Tyagunov AG - Ural Federal University. B. Yeltsin. (The Russian Federation, Ekaterinburg)

Troitsky I.V. - Ural Federal University. B. Yeltsin. (The Russian Federation, Ekaterinburg).

Koreshev S.N. - Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics  (Russia, St. Petersburg).