Material base

 In 2009 with a view of strengthening of mutually advantageous communications, expansion of an exchange by experience of preparation of experts in the field of publishing and polygraphy and introduction in educational process of innovative forms and methods of training of high schools with the Moscow state university of the press (MSUP), the Ukrainian academy of the press. The Tashkent Institute textile and light industry. The Kirghiz Technical University the state university of Razzakov, etc. concludes the Cooperation agreement (only 9 high schools of the CIS, see the Agreement copy).


 According to the contract on cooperation between KazNTU and MSUP with 2004 for 2014 on the basis of MSUP there have passed improvement of professional skill teachers and students of chair.

Possibility of performance of degree work in MSUP has been given students. Teachers carry out gathering of materials for research work (2 teachers were competitors of a scientific degree of the candidate of sciences).


Students Bulatova А. and Мaulenova M. upon termination of a bachelor degree have continued training in a magistracy.

Student Ahambaj V. after training in MSUP within 6 months passed training in world famous firm on release of the polygraphic equipment «Zigloch» (Germany).

For 2004-2011, 5 teachers have passed improvement of professional skill in MSUP (Moscow) (Tolybaeva Z.Z., Sakabekova S.K., Berdykulova K.A., Ajtbaeva M. A, Dzhurkabaeva L.R.).

On December, 4-8th, 2011 within the limits of the academic mobility under the invitation of rector KazNTU after K.I. Satpayev professors of the Moscow state university of the press (MSUP) to Kulikov G. B. and Artykov E.S. had been read lectures on the polygraphic equipment and consultations to students and magistrants, PPS are carried out.


On April, 16 -21st of this year under the invitation of a management of the Ural federal university of Eltsin B.N. (Ekaterinburg, Russia) teachers of chair MaTPP - the manager Ibrayeva Z.E. chair, prof. Bazilov Z.Z., the item prep. Berdykulova K.A. with guest lectures have visited the given high school. During visit they have familiarised with work of divisions of university, have shared experiences of a professional training for polygraphic branch with colleagues of chair "Polygraphy", took part in work of an annual Ural forum of printers.

On May, 18 - 24th, 2012 (over and above the plan MND chairs) visitors KazNTU after K.I.Satpaev and chair MaTPP were the manager. Chair "Polygraphy" c.t.s., senior lecturer Tyagunov А.G. and c.t.s., the senior lecturer of chair «Detail of Machins» Troitskiy I.V. were a number of lectures on polygraphic disciplines is read, consultations diplomats are given. Besides visitors have familiarised with the organisation of educational process on a number of chairs of university.

By results of both visits the arrangement on signing of the Contract on cooperation between KazNTU after K.I. Satpayev and UrFU of B.N. Yeltsin has been reached. At present the given document is sent in UrFU of B.N. Yeltsin on the statement..

In May, 2012 KazNTU after K.I.Satpaev became a member of the International association of polygraphic high schools (IC) (headquarters - Shtudgard, Germany), that is confirmed by the certificate in IC. Membership IC opens new possibilities of cooperation and realization of problems of the academic mobility.

According to the reached arrangement of 9 graduates 2011-2012, and also the item the teacher of chair "MaTPP" Tolybaeva Z.Z. have arrived on a budgetary basis on 1 course of a magistracy of chair "Polygraphy" UrFU of Eltsin B.N.

Within the limits of the academic mobility students of 2nd course Berdybekova S. and Karaydarova Z, and also the student of 4th course Aitbaev А. continue training at university Avero (Lissabon, Portugal).