About department


The Chair of "Machinery and technologies of printing production" (M&TPP) was founded in 1994 and today this is the only specialized department in Kazakhstan, carrying out a two-level training (bachelor - master) for print media industry  of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The department has trained over a thousand specialists of print media industry, which successfully work at the large print enterprises, such as  "Dauіr", "Polygraphcombinat", "Intellservis", "Leader offset" et al., as well as create their own businesses developing small-scale print media business of Kazakhstan. 

Since 2014 the Chair is a Member of the Association of Printers, Publishers and Booksellers of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The section "Polygraphy" (Undergraduate, Graduate) of REMS MES operates at the M&TPP Chair, whose objectives are the development and examination of model curricula, programs of teaching materials for the specialty "Polygraphy."


The aim of the program: to train highly qualified specialists in the field of print media technologies.


The objective of the program: bachelor’s and master’s edition of owning a broad basic training and core competencies in the field of printmedia technologies.


Mission and Strategy

The mission - to train demanded specialists in the field of printmedia technologies by providing flexible educational process and taking into account individual needs and characteristics of the student.

Strategic objectives:
• providing quality educational services in accordance with national and international educational standards;
• the use of modern educational technologies, involving the best national and international experts in the field print media technologies.
• improving the quality of faculty research activities and students.
• continuous self-education and improvement of professional skills
• updating the material and technical basis