About department


Department "Lifting-transport machines and hydraulics" was organized in 1978 and enters in the complement of institute  of the industrial engineering of the name A. Burkitbayev (IIE)   Kazakh National Research Technical University of the name K.I. Satpayeva.



The opening of the Department such direction was due to the fact that the Republic needed specialists, mechanical engineers generalists, needed designers. Graduates of department meet those requirements which face production workers, work in many industries of our industry, hold executive positions in government institutions.

During existence of department, experts of high level for machine-building, metallurgical, construction, etc. industries are trained. Stood at the origins of department: the graduate of MVTU of N. E. Bauman, the academician of the International academy of transport of the Russian Federation, the Dr.Sci.Tech., professor S. A. Dzhiyenkulov, the Dr.Sci.Tech., professor M. H. Sarguzhin, the Dr.Sci.Tech., professor B. T. Sazambayeva. 14 doctoral and more than 30 master's dissertations are defended. The Department now employs 2 doctors of technical Sciences, 2 associate professors, 1 assistant Professor, 1 senior lecturer, 4 lecturers, 2 assistants. The department has an opportunity to train experts of high level, is equipped with laboratories, laboratory installations and other modern equipment for holding practical and laboratory researches.

In 1993 there was the first release in the specialty 280340 - Lifting-transport, building travelling machines and equipment. Opened new specialty in printing and as a result of the Department of "LTM and H"  gave birth to the Department "Machines and technology of polygraphic production". In 1999 training of specialists in the specialty 280140 "The car and tractor construction" for automobile and tractor mechanical engineering was begun.




Заведующая кафедрой

«Подъемно-транспортные машины и гидравлика»  

Ахметова Шолпан Даулетовна

к.т.н. доцент

раб .тел: 257- 70-83




Council for protection of master's theses worked at department from 1992 to 1999, from 2008 to 2010 the Dissertation Council of D14.17.02 on protection of doctoral dissertations worked.


From 1.09.2004 years of preparation of bachelors and masters on a specialty "transport, Transport technics and technologies" started.   

Training of masters is carried out in 2 directions: professional (1,5 years of training) and scientific and pedagogical (2 years of training).

The specialty "Transport, Transport Equipment and Technologies" was accredited on March 22, 2011 for 5 years by Association of engineering education of Russia, and in 2016 is accredited for 3 years by Independent Kazakhstan quality assurance agency in education (IQAA).

The demand of the educational program in Transport, the transport equipment and technologies is confirmed by long-term steady distribution of graduates of specialty to working and engineering places of the entities and the organizations.

The demand for this specialty is growing, which is associated with the state program of innovative development of the Republic of Kazakhstan until 2020. Most the state and private enterprises are interested in training of the erudite, competent, owning modern software products specialists in the field of transport, the transport equipment and technology.


Purpose and tasks

The purpose of training, to the qualifications and competence of future specialist, that students must purchase during educating, are described in the Guidance on speciality.

A department "Lifting-transport machines and гидравлика" will realize professional educational program of higher and послевузовского educations on training of personnels, carries out fundamental, research and practice, scientifically-pedagogical and scientifically-methodical researches, renders informatively-practical services to organizations and пред¬приятиям, develops and inculcates innovative technologies in an educational process.

The department trains experts in Transport, the transport equipment and technologies which owing to the universality can find for itself application in any industry and the national economy.


Mission and strategy

The mission of the educational program consisting in achievement of high-quality provision of educational services in the sphere of the higher and postgraduate education, leadership in national space in training in "Transport, the transport equipment and technologies" by means of implementation of the principles of Bologna Process and the modern quality standards.

Improving educational and scientific activities with the aim of improving the quality of training of specialists in the field of transport and transport equipment.