Research work

The department scientificresearch work is carried out in two areas - technical and pedagogical sciences, and there are three initiatives Topics: 

Topic 1 - "Geometrical and computer modeling of engineering structures, processes and phenomena." Leader Kuspekov K.A., Head of Department, Ph.D. assistant professor.    

Topic 2 - "Determination of the content of geometry, engineering and computer graphics conforming to information technology, the writing of new methods of teaching and the quality of textbooks, preparation of electronic teaching materials." Leader Prof. Esmuhan J.M.      

Topic 3 - "Improving the educational process and the graph of geometrical preparation of bachelors of technical specialties" .There leader is Abildabekova D.D. k.p.n Acting docent. 

The department has international links concluded, an international treaty for the period of 2011-2020 between the Kazakh National Technical University and Siberian State Automobile and Highway Academy in the following areas: collaborative research in engineering geometry and computer graphics; joint training of doctors PhD; co-writing of modern textbooks on descriptive geometry, engineering and computer graphics translated into the Kazakh language.

For the development of a scientific speciality "Engineering geometry and computer graphics" and the influx of ideas organized two international events:
1) 2011 had held at the University the International Scientific and Technical Conference "Current state, development of engineering geometry and a computer graphics in terms of information and computer technology".
2) The international seminar "Engineering geometry and computer graphics. Theory and practice". At the conference and the seminar attended the prominent foreign scholars in the field of applied geometry, engineering and computer graphics from Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan. 

In 2012 and 2014 organized the guest lectures of foreign professors Volkov V.Y. (Russia) for students, masters and doctoral PhD, as the faculty of the department an opportunity to undergo training on the subject "Descriptive Geometry" (2012.) and at the scientific speciality "Engineering geometry and computer graphics", had received a certificate.

Esmuhan J.M. and Kuspekov K.A. published the monograph "Applied Geometry utilities." Publishing House "Gylym" (2012.).


From 2014y at the department. It operates students scientific club "Engineering geometry and computer graphics", the head of the club is Kuspekov K.A.

Traditionally is the annual students research scientific conferences of KazNRTU Technical, section "Descriptive geometry, engineering and computer graphics", in "International Satpaev is readings". In this section makes reports, students of the 1-st and the 2-nd courses. The best students are involved in the work of student scientific club, where he conducted research on the topic "Geometrical and computer modeling of engineering objects and solve technical problems by engineering geometry and computer graphics."

For stimulating teaching-research and scientific-research work of students and for the identification of gifted youth we organized the Republican Olympiads and Republican contest for the best research work of student to the discipline "Descriptive geometry, engineering and computer graphics" (2014., 2015). among universities of the country.