Industrial Engineering Department congratulates Degtyareva Antonina Stepanovna with her 70th birthday

70 is a lot of little, it's a whole way of life, the joys and thorns, with sorrows and happy days.

Let us with all my heart to congratulate you on this significant anniversary its the 70th anniversary! You have been a nice way of life, to realize their talents, always helped and continue to help those in need. You sincere loving heart, you grew beautiful children and grandchildren. You are always very appreciated and respected at work. And now, you continue to delight others with his energy and amazing work ethic. And let them be filled with tenderness, family warmth and care.

We congratulate you with a beautiful birthday!

Seventy - elegant and beautiful.

And it is clear to all at once, without exception,

who lives this life you are not in vain.

18 january 2018